Hi i’m Jaidan, I am a Trainer and Practitioner in The Balance Procedure (TBP),  I have been working with TBP for nearly 2 years, and energy for 10 years, I trained in Reiki 6 years ago and completed my Master level 2 years ago, just prior to learning The Balance Procedure, this unique powerful tool has changed the way I live and view my life and has become part of who I am. To read about the things I learned at the beginning of my journey by clicking here for my blog, of course my journey is still ongoing it really never stops.

I have a background in Performing Arts and Acting and I have studied Acting and Voice for over 15 years and have my degree in Contemporary theatre. Acting continues to be a part of my life However my passion is working with people of all ages and backgrounds teaching this incredible Self empowerment tool in both everyday life, within theatre and music industry to build confidence and creativity. I offer unique specialist 1-1 or group sessions in which you will discover how to enhance or even unlock your gifts and talents.


Balance is not something you find, it’s something you Create 

                                                                                                           – Jana Kingsford

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