In the beginning

Before and immediately after my Level 1 training and my first real experience with the Balance procedure


My story here starts before 17/9/16 when I felt like I was in very dark place and like nothing was ever going to move forward in my life, at the time I felt very removed from the world and even from myself. if you look at the Abraham Hicks, Emotional Guidance scale I would say I was right down the bottom at 22 so Fear/ Greif/ depression/ despair/ powerlessness – for me specifically it was the depression I have been dealing with. It so hard to describe, that depression, and what is publicly known of depression is that it is often portrayed like people feel like their lives are not worth living. This was not the case for me, for me, it was more like I had been waiting for my life to begin watching it for a very long time just passing me by without a care, like a part of me had been waiting to show its greatness but had been locked away within my fear. I had forgotten about all those things I wanted and I became so disconnected from who I was that I felt that I could no longer get back to myself. On top of that a couple of days before starting the course I got really ill all my joints ached and my muscles hurt so much that it was difficult to move and get comfortable.

On the morning of the course, I dragged myself out of bed feeling exhausted and not well at all but somehow found myself dressed and in the car along with my mum she was going on the course too, I don’t normally get bugs or colds or anything like that so I was quite unimpressed when this one popped up just before I went on this course. We arrived at our venue for the day and are greeted by our Trainer and some other eager Balance Procedure students and a goodie bag with a book and set of 9 cards,  The day was wonderful, we had a nice small group of 5 which meant everyone had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss what The Balance Procedure was all about. How was a set of card and a book going to change my life? During the morning we focused mainly on the theory side so I found out that each of the 9 cards in my pack are linked to different things such as Symbols, Planets Colour, Zodiac, Chakras, Gemstones, Elements and Physical attributes. in the book, it explains this in much more detail, more than I can explain here. but the most important bit of information I took from the theory side was that by using the cards we don’t need to dive deep into the whys and wherefores of our past in order to move forward with the future, and when you’re on a path of self-discovery this is the one thing we tend to do most of. In the afternoon the practical side of things started and we got to balance with all of the cards for the first time, this was quite a surreal experience moving forward or backward depending on if I was in balance with the card or not, working in pairs we balanced with each card in turn, it was interesting to see this visually because it was possible and even clear when the other person had got themselves into balance. for me I could feel it just as I got into balance there was a small shift in energy  to all but one of the cards which was particularly difficult for me to align with, I asked my trainer and said I thought I knew what the issue was, it was something that I had worked out with my CBT therapist it was one of my blocks being “I am not good enough” so my trainer advised that I balance it with another card first, which I did, then I balanced with the other card and the second I did it was like a ton weight had been lifted from my whole body, so much so that I had to sit down for a moment I felt so light. and I felt more alive and connected in that instant, it was a very profound moment for me in that I could feel some kind of reconnection. By 5 pm on that Saturday, I felt vastly different more like I had reconnected with myself and with who I could become. Waking up at 4:27 the next morning, I felt like a child on Christmas morning excited to see what was going to happen. I mean I was that excited that I couldn’t get back to sleep and began writing.  With the sun starting to rise bringing with it a new day it felt like it was bringing with it all of the possibilities. The anticipation for what is going to happen brought me to the realisation that I am ready to make a commitment to this and balance each day and truly make this a part of my life. I feel like all the doors have just been opened and I have seen daylight for the first time in a long time. 

              With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts  

                                                                           – Elenor Roosevelt.

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