Looking back

Looking back over the last month of using the Balance procedure after taking the level 1 course in September. Getting into a routine of balancing every day, and being in balance, However at the beginning, it seemed to me that everything was going backward not forwards it kind of felt like nothing big was shifting is still feels like this sometimes even now. Reflecting back on this I guess that old patterns were and still are being undone like I am reprogramming the negative patterns. Peeling back the layers into what the core issues might be, I guess in the same way that EFT would break down the layers so you can find what those core negative patterns are and then tap on them to reprogram into positive patterns, however by using The Balance Procedure I didn’t really have to look into why and what these issues might be. Instead by using this simple technique when something comes up I just think about what the opposite is, think about what it is that I want to feel and want to have happen instead and then use the technique to bring myself back into balance. The best thing is this can be done literally anywhere and it takes seconds I’ve done this at work when I felt out of balance I just went to the loo and got my cards out and balanced not necessarily on anything specific but just being in balance. Sometimes when I am trying to balance something that creates a negative flow of emotion within me and I am really out of balance and then it may take a few minutes. What I have learned on this journey so far is that as with everything the more you use it the less time it takes.

To begin a transformation you must peel back your layers and go to your core

-Eckhart Toll

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