Reflections in the Mirror!

So I have been thinking a lot about Reflections in my life, but I keep wondering  What is a reflection? And How do I know if something is a reflection?  From what I have experienced so far reflections can come from anywhere; the world is a mirror, for me this is the most difficult thing to get to grips with, literally everything I see or experience is my reflection of my inner self, so I look at everything including interactions with others, don’t get me wrong I am not here to take responsibility for others actions but rather looking at my reactions to things going on around me. I have learned that most often reflections show up in a way that creates some kind of discomfort in any area your life, for instance, a manager who doesn’t know how to manage this may cause some irritation or even anger that they don’t know what they are doing, what are you not managing in your life? For me it was that my former manager had some major organisational problems, I have been trying to figure out what my reflection is here, nothing seemed to be obvious until one day someone posted an insight on Facebook and I suddenly got it, I looked at my surroundings there was no organisation there, clothes were still not put away and paperwork was all over the place, I immediately got up and balanced on being clear and organised, within a day or two I had cleared up the paperwork and put away the clothes, my surrounding were more organised and comfortable, around the same time I had also made the decision to move on from that job.Sometimes when we are looking for the answers to what these reflections are, we don’t see the answer because it’s not what we are looking for, and this is usually owing to the fact that we are looking for the answers we want to see. what is it that you are not wanting to see?

Once you start playing the game of ‘Whats my reflection?’ Life becomes much more interesting and in a sense much more free, why? Because your perspective changes you stop looking at what someone has done to you and start looking at what can I change within myself to have a better experience using The Balance Procedure to move forward and bring myself back into balance, and then suddenly the reflection in my mirror has changed.

Since everything is a reflection of our minds,  Everything can be changed by our minds.  

– Buddha

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