The song within

How quick time feels like its flowing at the moment! I feel like its the right time to write about intuition, first of all what is intuition? We have all heard the terms; follow your intuition or listen to your inner voice, so I thought what does that actually mean?  The dictionary definition explains it as; “The ability to understand something instinctively, without need for conscious reasoning thats great I thought to my self but does that explain anything? So I thought how would I describe it? Well intuition for me is and an inner knowing, sometimes this can be the physical sensation of relief, excitement or passion, these are the physical indicators to know we are on the right path, then there the AHA moments, these are also our intuition giving us more pieces of the puzzle for me personally its like listening to a song that completely resonates with you and never fades, and it comes from with in.

So, how do we use our intuition? Well, we have to tune into it by letting go of what we think we should be doing, start listening and begin to trust and open ourselves up to that inner voice, then we can start to become our true selves and that can be scary and can in the beginning by letting go of everything we have believed we feel like we are, in the words of Buzz Lightyear “falling with style” (or “plummeting without style” in my case!) but the more we use the muscle of intuition and the more we learn to trust it, the more it teaches us how to use our wings and then before we know it we are no longer falling, we are soaring and the view is pretty different up here on the thermals. Now we are in the flow and can see the opportunities and can pick and choose, with a pinch of logic and rationality, what we want that will serve us and move us on to the next step on our journey.

Great but How do i tune in to my intuition?  To find the answer to this I started reading lots of posts on intuition and how to tune in to it and all say pretty much the same thing, be quiet, meditate, do something creative. Having tried all of these techniques for a long time and want to say that in my personal experience, I have got further forward with getting in touch with my intuition using the Balance Procedure over the last eight weeks than in 3 years trying to meditate. (A little bit of my old story for reference) I had been fighting my intuition for a long time working hard and building a career because some where deep down in my subconscious I wanted my father to take notice and be proud of me, but somewhere during the war of my mind and soul, the intuition devision won a battle and l ended up having no choice but to leave my job, and then I began my less than subtle fall from grace, but I realise now that the war was drawing to a close and it was then that I began to listen to my intuition, I haven’t been able to stay in a ‘job’ because it just doesn’t feel right anymore, Its time i do something for myself something that I love, for months I have been going back and forth between my inner voice and my inner critic, fast coming to the same conclusion of ‘I don’t know what i want to do’ until I remembered I want to become a Balance Procedure Trainer and I want to learn something new that might to help me in the future, (still figuring that one out).

I guess thats what has brought me here to this point the feeling that I had to share this journey, I have always wanted to write a blog and have something to share with the world but nothing has ever felt right, and suddenly it was like the notes and journal entries I have written could be something that I could share, the details of a journey that I am still at the beginning of, and I feel that this is the thing I need to be doing right now, it was a pull thats the way I want to describe intuition its like a little nudge from an old friend who just quietly says have you thought of that, and then suddenly everything makes sense and your flying. Believe me this is something I was far from just seven weeks ago, but I have been furiously balancing and everything is opening up to me the words to write this are in my finger tips before my mind has thought of them, and again things have changed and will continue to move forward the more I practice this. The one thing I feel like I need to share in terms of intuition is that it is a muscle like any other the more you use it the stronger it becomes and the louder the voice becomes internally and i’m not saying that thinking with logic or reasoning is bad or we shouldn’t use those skills but more that if this is our main thought process where we get caught up in the “should’s” and “what if’s” and begin to lose sight of what our passions and gifts are, and if the last year has taught me anything its that I have been directed by my ego based logic and reasoning. In the last seven weeks I have learnt that my intuition is where the inspiration comes from and I have to start to follow it.My true passion is to share this wonderful gift of the Balance Procedure,  and without my intuition nudging me to do level one I would still be in a deep dark vault hiding in my bedroom watching my life pass me by. I am eternally grateful to Jenny Cox for her inspired creation, and my inspirational trainer Adrienne, because it has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I can now see a way to give others the tools to inspire and change their lives and as such pass this tool on to so many others. In writing this I have just come to realise that about 5 years ago I had a conversation with a friend about wanting to inspire others and pass on knowledge for others to pass on, and its happening, its becoming a reality.


Have the courage to follow your Heart and Intuition. They somehow Know what you truly want to become.  – Steve Jobs.





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