Allowing the Clarity.

Its been a bit of a whirlwind kind of a couple of weeks trying to complete my practitioner case studies, and somehow in the midst of it all I got swept up in some old emotions and patterns that I am not particularly fond of, these were just fears that had no real grounding, still its tough to not get carried away with them and not give them any attention, I wanted to share this because I feel the lesson I learned here was, that it is ok for things to come up and that its good for them to come up but that i don’t need to be an active part of it. Its also really good to know that I can recognise when Im going on a downward spiral now, much easier than before, because for me two weeks is much better than two months or years for that matter. Its definitely progress. It would’ve been all too easy to look at what was happening and get deeply involved with it and say ‘Well’, this doesn’t work and go off down a path of mass destruction, of course the thing is, I know this technique does work. Now I know my biggest issue is asking for help and being able to get out of my own head (I think its a pride thing). But since I had recognised where I was and wanting to change what I was feeling, I asked for help from my trainer, who brought me back to the cards, and the Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale (Thank you). This is another wonderful tool to use when you’re not sure where you are or your feeling stuck in life, I was a little surprised when ‘frustration’ was the word that jumped off the page right at me. Great! Now I knew how I was really feeling, this may sound odd, but sometimes its difficult to for me to really pinpoint that feeling or more accurately admit that’s what I am feeling and somehow that’s easier to do when its in black and white in front of me. Now I had to pin pointed where I was and how I was feeling, time to balance. Shuffling my cards to see what came up, (its always exactly card I need). In this instance I had two cards, that were polarities of each other, each card has two colors so I had yellow and violet, The Art of Clarity and the violet and yellow, The Art of Knowing, (well guess what… Just what I needed) I balanced them both. Changing the direction of my emotions and how I was feeling in a matter of 5 minutes But wait there’s more…. I have been wanting to complete my practitioners training but my last two case studies have been difficult to get booked in, just circumstances not lining up, but I recognise that this was just my reflection, inside I was frustrated that nothing was happening so of course nothing happened. I had also somewhere along the line lost faith and trust in myself, so I balanced my life path here, I just knew I had got blown completely off course and needed to re-center myself. So, here I am just about a week on and two days before Christmas, having just completed my case studies and finding out that I am now a qualified Practitioner of The Balance Procedure. What am I taking away from this?  Well we have a choice to make to stay where we are spiralling out of control or to take control and let go of those things that no longer serve you and trust that in doing so you allow yourself to see your goals lining up effortlessly.



I will let go. . .and that will collapse it into a new possible outcome.

– Dr. Richard Bartlett




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