Smaller Things.

I wanted to talk a little about using TBP and the changes I have encountered so far. For me, there were some profound changes at the start of my journey as I have talked about before but I wanted to talk about the fact that there have been some subtle changes as well. I want to share a recent experience; I have been wanting to get involved with a local theatre company and try and take myself out of my comfort zone (I have been balancing on this). So I emailed a local theatre company and asked if I could get involved. After being told that I had missed the Auditions and I would have to wait. That was until I said that I also had backstage experience and would love to just be involved. I was invited to the first cast and crew meeting of the year. Initially, I was excited, I had been balancing on getting involved and getting out of my comfort zone, now you may ask, how are you getting out of your comfort zone if you have been in theatre before? Well the being stage part is ok and doesn’t worry me at all but I always feel extremely anxious when meeting a new group of people especially a large group of people who already know each other (even though I know it will be fine), as normal I was fine up until the Saturday night that’s when I noticed a change Sunday morning would “normally” be a mix of excitement and nerves followed by increasing anxiety and worry about being liked, well thought of and hoping I would feel accepted as well as many other things that might pop up and trigger even more anxiety. But this Sunday was different, I woke up a bit tired, but excited about doing something new and meeting people, as the day progressed I started to notice that I hadn’t been feeling and anxiety at all, and my thoughts were things like, this is going to be fun and If I don’t fit in who cares at least I’ve been, I was an odd sensation to suddenly become aware that my thoughts were distinctly different from what I was expecting it was like I was in someone else’s mind and I liked it. I think that’s the beauty of TBP it works on so many levels and like anything there will be big changes and it’s exciting to be able to see the immediate effects but it’s the subtle changes that have occurred that make me realise how far I had come and how much my thoughts have truly changed and are continuing to change. I really just wanted to share this as sometimes I don’t appreciate the smaller changes, however, I had an AHA Moment and came to the realisation that they ‘are’ part of the bigger picture and are just as life changing, if not more so than some the bigger changes.


We sometimes underestimate the influence of the little Things.

– Charles. W. Chestnutt


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