The Day I Changed My Life… Again!

Life is a Mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it
– Ernest Holmes


I visited the beach yesterday, the weather was dull and overcast but sometimes its great just to go and blow the cobwebs away. I got into a conversation about why some people on the surface want to make changes in their lives but never seem to actually get anywhere and of course being in balance I had a wonderful AHA moment, I suddenly, truly understood what it was that has been blocking me. I love it when your understanding of something gets deeper. I’m talking of course about reflections (the world is my mirror) so if the people around me aren’t really wanting to change their lives then clearly that is something with in me that doesn’t want to change or move forward. Then I started to piece some other thoughts I had been having together and got back to the seven fears, (if you haven’t looked at Napoleon Hills Seven Basic fears its easy to find online it’s well worth reading!)  So what fears do I have running well first of all, the fear of loss of love, secondly the fear of criticism and finally fear of loss of liberty, how do I know this well because my block is: “I am afraid to really move forward because if I do I will have to keep it up and if I can’t then I will be a failure” reading that back in black and white it seems like it’s so obvious but trust me it was like a light being switched on, I think I actually said AHA! So there I am on a Windy and Rainy sea front drenched from walking in the rain and I balanced it with the affirmation I am Flexible and Passionate, using the Art of Visualisation card because when you are in balance and you’re doing what you love then it will all fall into place. So the question is and always will be “what do I want?”

This is the best question to ask yourself, and I’m not really talking about a shiny new pair of shoes (although they are my favourite type) but rather what do I want in my life or my work or my relationship or this situation I find myself in, etc. because without this information you hold yourself in the situation you’re in, running on a loop. So If you’re in a place that you think I want to change this situation or I don’t like my situation, then ask yourself that question, it can be really quite powerful, and it for me it has to be quite firm because I became accustomed to saying “I don’t mind or I don’t know. But the truth is that I knew what it was but the difference is that now more than ever can visualise what It is I want, and guess what …. it has been so easy to find out what that is or at least the essence of it in how it feels and looks in my mind.

The Picture above was the one I took directly after I balanced I thought it was apt for my Picture this week because it’s really is about being in the flow and letting it go, so what a perfect place to let go of that fear.


  Life is a Mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it

                                         – Ernest Holmes

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