A Unique Journey

sometimes we forget that we each come with our own skills and talents that only we can use.


I have been away for a little while again, but there has been a lot happening I’ve moved from my home for 10 years that being Cambridgeshire in various places to north wales which I absolutely love and feel like I am settling in to starting a new job which is fun and interesting and I’m learning lots about a business that I never thought I would enjoy. The winter has been quiet but its been great getting back out to the MBS fairs and meeting lots of motivating people, speaking of which (excuse the pun) I recently met a woman who, after having a stroke that rendered her without speech has taught herself to speak again which when she told me her story, completely blew me away. I know I have said it before but TBP blows my mind everyday in one way or another or rather I should say since I have been using TBP I seem to blow my own mind not in an arrogant way but more like a humbling experience because it is being filtered in from somewhere else and because I am connected to the universe or whatever you like to call it I am able to tap in to knowledge and insights I’m not sure if that makes sense because there are no words to explain it. (I was thinking out loud here but left it in just because I think I needed to put it in words.) I guess what I am really wanting to say is that I am absolutely sure that when we are in balance with who we are then we begin to really focus on what type of experience we want to have? Things like do we want to start a new life somewhere else or what type of business do we want to have, but it all starts with how do I want to feel? I think that when we start to go more out of balance we start looking outside of ourselves and going in to our internal checklists and then we start comparing ourselves to others, if you use the balance procedure then The art of knowing is the card you would use to balance your own uniqueness and your gifts and talents. I think that sometimes we forget that we each come with our own skills and talents that only we can use. To truly get there however, sometimes it is necessary to explore different pathways and to observers this can look like you might be taking the long way around and not following your path, but I have to say that my view on this is that its not the case Steve Jobs once said “you can only connect the dots looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will connect in your future.” This has stuck with me since I first heard it in so many ways, even more so now that I am balancing all of the time. Because I trust my self to know that the reason I choose to do something is not from a point of fear or lack or negative, at the moment I have a job in a hotel and before I perhaps would have taken the job but from a point of ‘I need this job’ and ended up no longer enjoying it very soon afterwards but coming from a point of I want this job because there are lots of interesting local people that drink in the bar and that means that making connections in a new community is so much faster and easier because people are in a relaxed environment and then guess what! I can introduce what I actually do and wow has that has been amazing. That’s just one example, but my point is that there is no right or wrong path you can possibly take to your goal or dreams, because you will inevitably gain valuable experiences during that transformational period that you needed to evolve into the next person you are going to be because if your anything like me then change always comes in small and big ways and moving forward and evolving through experience I feel is always positive.


There is no right or wrong in the study of enlightenment, only experience                                                                                                                                             – Frederick lenz

Back in the flow.

Wow 4 months has flown by, but I’m back too it, I haven’t actually sat down to write anything for a long time, it’s been an interesting few months that’s for sure we (mum and I) have been attending and booking, Mind, Body and Spirit events and even have some lined up for next year which is exciting. I want to talk a bit about myself – talk and TBP today as it’s something that we all have in one form or another, myself talk has been my sticking point for so long that the habit has proven tough to crack even using TBP Daily, so I found myself questioning if TBP was working for me or not, but I kept balancing daily, knowing deep down that it truly does work and having experienced first hand its effects. Somehow I have managed let my self – talk spiral out of control again, anyway about 3 weeks ago I joined in an online talk with Trainer Donna Nash and she said if its not working then you’re not doing it enough not directed at me particularly but something clicked (clearly a reflection) So I’ve stepped up my balance game since then and I have been Balancing my self – talk, it’s been interesting to say the least so a this last week has been particularly wobbly but last Tuesday I suddenly realised WHAT AM I DOING????  I stopped and thought “I have to stop this now!” I grabbed my cards and almost fell over I was so out of balance, but that’s what The Balance Procedure is for to get back in the flow, I also put my headphones on and found a motivational talk by Les Brown on YouTube and listened to that I balanced with My Life path card, The art of Transformation and the art of Independence. Within minutes I felt the relief wash over me and  I continued to Balance every 15 for a few hours then every 30 minutes until bed then I balanced until I fell asleep, and have been balancing with fervour for the last couple of days also listening to motivational talks taking action to change my mindset and I can feel the difference so sharply between I can’t do this, what am I doing to and feeling like I have no energy, to,  I AM going to do this,  I can do this and even better I AM Doing it already and what else can I do to keep moving forward. Wowee does that feel so much better!!  By taking action and making the decision to do something about how I was feeling I have started asking more questions like; Do I always want to be the person who gives up on himself or do I want to be the person who makes a difference to his own life? Well the answer was actually quite simple when It came to it. We all have that self – talk running even if we are not aware of it, personally my self – talk can do allsorts of interesting things, like keep me awake at night playing conversations (ones that hadn’t even taken place yet) over and over 50 different ways and back again if I let it, and it, had been like that for as long as I can remember constantly leaving me in my flight or fight mode, it wasn’t until I did an event at the weekend and I had a conversation with someone who was quite, lets say; resistant, and I felt what it was like to drop back into the flight mode, so I balanced there and then and within 15 minutes I felt more calm and relaxed, this for me was so interesting because I had not encountered such a strong reaction for so long that I had forgotten what it felt like, and what is more amazing is that I cant believe I lived in that state for 2 plus years, and that’s the moment I truly realised how much my life had changed because even though I have had dips in my energy and felt like things weren’t happening I am no longer living in that constant state of fight or flight which is absolutely amazing.


Yesterday I was clever I wanted to change the world,                                                              Today I am wise so I am changing myself  – Rumi






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The Day I Changed My Life… Again!

Life is a Mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it
– Ernest Holmes

I visited the beach yesterday, the weather was dull and overcast but sometimes its great just to go and blow the cobwebs away. I got into a conversation about why some people on the surface want to make changes in their lives but never seem to actually get anywhere and of course being in balance I had a wonderful AHA moment, I suddenly, truly understood what it was that has been blocking me. I love it when your understanding of something gets deeper. I’m talking of course about reflections (the world is my mirror) so if the people around me aren’t really wanting to change their lives then clearly that is something with in me that doesn’t want to change or move forward. Then I started to piece some other thoughts I had been having together and got back to the seven fears, (if you haven’t looked at Napoleon Hills Seven Basic fears its easy to find online it’s well worth reading!)  So what fears do I have running well first of all, the fear of loss of love, secondly the fear of criticism and finally fear of loss of liberty, how do I know this well because my block is: “I am afraid to really move forward because if I do I will have to keep it up and if I can’t then I will be a failure” reading that back in black and white it seems like it’s so obvious but trust me it was like a light being switched on, I think I actually said AHA! So there I am on a Windy and Rainy sea front drenched from walking in the rain and I balanced it with the affirmation I am Flexible and Passionate, using the Art of Visualisation card because when you are in balance and you’re doing what you love then it will all fall into place. So the question is and always will be “what do I want?”

This is the best question to ask yourself, and I’m not really talking about a shiny new pair of shoes (although they are my favourite type) but rather what do I want in my life or my work or my relationship or this situation I find myself in, etc. because without this information you hold yourself in the situation you’re in, running on a loop. So If you’re in a place that you think I want to change this situation or I don’t like my situation, then ask yourself that question, it can be really quite powerful, and it for me it has to be quite firm because I became accustomed to saying “I don’t mind or I don’t know. But the truth is that I knew what it was but the difference is that now more than ever can visualise what It is I want, and guess what …. it has been so easy to find out what that is or at least the essence of it in how it feels and looks in my mind.

The Picture above was the one I took directly after I balanced I thought it was apt for my Picture this week because it’s really is about being in the flow and letting it go, so what a perfect place to let go of that fear.


  Life is a Mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it

                                         – Ernest Holmes

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Can I get a little Perspective Please!

Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light. – Dan Brown

I started this Blog to document every part of my journey or if there were stumbling blocks, really just to document how things in my life have changed. For some reason over the last month I have had some difficulty writing this post, putting down in words that I’m not quite where I want to be yet, seems like a backwards step somehow and putting it in black and white felt like I was setting it in stone, but the truth of the matter is if that is my thought then, of course, that is going to be the outcome. The biggest challenge here was changing my perspective on this, is what has helped me to sit down today and rewrite this post. so what is that new perspective? Well, I one big factor is I actually know what I want to do, something I didn’t know six months ago. I never knew what I wanted I constantly asked myself what did I really and truly want from my life. The best thing is that I didn’t have to search to find it, all I had to do was get into balance with who I am, and start following my life path. That’s how I know that I want I want to share this incredible tool with the world. Mostly because I know how it has changed me for the better, I don’t get as down on myself when things don’t happen anymore. I’m not giving up on myself anymore, and partly because I want to share the fact that we DO have control over our lives and better yet it can be simple and fun. Changing the perspective from I’m not where I want to be, to Look how far I have come looks obvious to others, but this simple change in how I look at my NOW makes all the difference in being able to move forward, that and Balancing multiple times a day, every time something new came up. (I use my cards intuitively and shuffle them after my initial morning balance, and the card that ends up on top is the very card I need in that moment.)So here’s why I have struggled to share this post because my life has not physically changed dramatically sometimes I feel like I am not being true. I have come to realise that is just an external judgment that I have placed upon myself, and basically I have “The fear of Criticism” running in the background. hey I am only six months into this journey and there have been so many mental and emotional changes and probably the biggest physical changes is my stress related Psoriasis has nearly cleared naturally, so if that can change then there will be other physical changes (when I allow them) because my mental and emotional wellbeing has changed, As above, So Below, As within, So without.

So in this respect, this has been quite a hard post for me to write because it’s very personal and not something I would generally share with even my closest circle of friends, partly because it perpetuates things but also because I would be too embarrassed to share it and put it out there. What I have come to realise however is that my goal was to inspire and I wanted to share those struggles as much as the highs because these struggles are not really true they are just a little flag to tell me I am out of balance. So what do I do now I have realised that its ok to share this as it is to share the high exciting moments. I get up in the morning and I balance myself and I just keep balancing because that is moving forward, and trusting that everything will happen because I am a powerful creator and if I can create the absence of something then I can and will create the existence of it.


Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light – Dan Brown





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Smaller Things.

I wanted to talk a little about using TBP and the changes I have encountered so far. For me, there were some profound changes at the start of my journey as I have talked about before but I wanted to talk about the fact that there have been some subtle changes as well. I want to share a recent experience; I have been wanting to get involved with a local theatre company and try and take myself out of my comfort zone (I have been balancing on this). So I emailed a local theatre company and asked if I could get involved. After being told that I had missed the Auditions and I would have to wait. That was until I said that I also had backstage experience and would love to just be involved. I was invited to the first cast and crew meeting of the year. Initially, I was excited, I had been balancing on getting involved and getting out of my comfort zone, now you may ask, how are you getting out of your comfort zone if you have been in theatre before? Well the being stage part is ok and doesn’t worry me at all but I always feel extremely anxious when meeting a new group of people especially a large group of people who already know each other (even though I know it will be fine), as normal I was fine up until the Saturday night that’s when I noticed a change Sunday morning would “normally” be a mix of excitement and nerves followed by increasing anxiety and worry about being liked, well thought of and hoping I would feel accepted as well as many other things that might pop up and trigger even more anxiety. But this Sunday was different, I woke up a bit tired, but excited about doing something new and meeting people, as the day progressed I started to notice that I hadn’t been feeling and anxiety at all, and my thoughts were things like, this is going to be fun and If I don’t fit in who cares at least I’ve been, I was an odd sensation to suddenly become aware that my thoughts were distinctly different from what I was expecting it was like I was in someone else’s mind and I liked it. I think that’s the beauty of TBP it works on so many levels and like anything there will be big changes and it’s exciting to be able to see the immediate effects but it’s the subtle changes that have occurred that make me realise how far I had come and how much my thoughts have truly changed and are continuing to change. I really just wanted to share this as sometimes I don’t appreciate the smaller changes, however, I had an AHA Moment and came to the realisation that they ‘are’ part of the bigger picture and are just as life changing, if not more so than some the bigger changes.


We sometimes underestimate the influence of the little Things.

– Charles. W. Chestnutt


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Here in lies true Passion.

I have heard the words “Just follow your passion!” so many times that I have lost count. I used to think to myself ‘well if I knew what that was then I would!’ Wondering what that would be like and if I would ever know what it would felt like. Being without passion can become quite frustrating, at one time for me it was like being asked: “what is the meaning of life?” I had no idea, all I knew is I enjoyed working with people I had worked for years for a university doing open day events, talking to thousands of potential students, and offing them the information they were seeking. It’s a bizarre feeling and one difficult to describe but it was like the thrill when you get a rush of adrenaline and there was only one other thing that gave me that same kick and that was being on stage in whatever capacity if found myself there. At one time I loved going to work and being this person but I realise now I was doing it for the wrong reasons, I was doing it because I needed to be the hero, to be needed and wanted.

Now I am at the point I’m my life where in the near future I am going to be doing events and giving talks on TBP. This time however it’s something that I am extremely passionate about and more importantly I’m going to be doing not because I don’t feel good enough about myself but purely for the fact that its become my passion and I want to share it. I never thought I would be able to say that, at least not for a long time, I want to clarify how just 4 months ago I wasn’t connected to anything resembling a passion and this has happened almost effortlessly.

When I did my level one training in TBP I had to work out my Life path number, your life path number is something that you are born with and it can never change. It is part of our makeup and knowing our life path number can provide us with details of the gifts we were born with. Yes! We are all born with gifts that make us who we are and this is what we can share with the world; it is our true potential; it is our destiny. So in my previous jobs, I have always been customer facing and always do whatever I can to make sure that I have provided customers clients the best service I possibly can. This is one of my gifts but I was giving it from a point of not having or being enough, with TBP I have found that I can provide this from a point of love and having and being enough (I do have to work with this often as my fear of not being enough likes to sneak back in sometimes) but using TBP everyday allows me to move forward from it each time a bit further. It’s kind of like teaching a dog to “stay” the more you do it the quicker they learn that they don’t need to cling to you every time you move. What I have discovered about myself is that I have a deep inner knowing that I am on the path to do what I was born to do. I can honestly say that I’m excited about it and I feel the passion for it, it feels like my passion has appeared overnight and in a lot of ways it has but in some way’s I have always known that it is my desire to work with people and Help them to become who they are, but here in is the most significant thing I have learned through this process so far and that is there is something much more positive than “helping”  someone and that is providing the tools and the training for them to empower themselves.  And that is my true passion.



Passion is born when you catch a glimpse of your true potential – Fred smith




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​Rewrite the Story within.

I have been thinking a lot about the story we tell ourselves and that we can create our lives, and I say can because like anything in life it’s a choice we make; to stand up and say “I am going to take responsibility for my life and I am going to take back control of my life” or not. I have read so many stories and articles about how to do this and how we can create our dream life by Getting clear about what you want, letting go and allowing it to come to you. However, it occurred to me that one thing is often omitted and that is that our inner monologue must change! Our inner monologue is the story we tell ourselves each day it’s something that we define ourselves by, it becomes who we are. So if the thoughts we have become who we are, then why does it benefit us to try and change our negative thought patterns into more positive ones?  As I said we have a choice to be who we want, after all, they’re just thoughts. Did you know we have somewhere between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day so that’s roughly 35 -48  thoughts per minute. Now some of them will be conscious thoughts and some will be subconscious thoughts, whatever the thoughts are, that’s a lot of thoughts, and not so easy to keep track of them all.  if our thought patterns or our beliefs include things like; “I’m not clever enough to do that!” “I am just not that kind of person,” “I come from a poor background,” “my family won’t approve of me if I do that!” Then this is only going to stop us from achieving what we want to become. I once had a great conversation with my CBT therapist about where these thoughts come from and of course I had to come to my own conclusion, so I concluded that most of these thoughts could possibly be traced back to one fear and that is “I am not good enough!” WOW!! What a statement to tell yourself, let’s say; 15 – 20 times per minute in one way or another. No wonder I didn’t want to get up in the morning what’s the point, with that going around in my head and then it reflecting back at me in everyone I meet and everything I see!

So is it possible to truly change these beliefs? If it is how do we change them? well of course there are many ways of doing this, one way is to spend some time trying to work out what these beliefs may be by trying to untangle the deep web of our complicated thought patterns, try and untangle all those things that we have thought over and over again until they are a complete distortion of what they once were. The question here is; do you really want to go back over them again? As you know by now this blog is about The Balance Procedure and my experiences, so how has it worked for me in this context? Well I have learned that to create what we want in life we have to change the story we have been telling ourselves, a good way to do this is meditation as it allows the thoughts to slow down, have you ever noticed that when your relaxed everything just flows like we are completely connected and when we rushing or frustrated nothing seems to go your way like the connection has broken?  normally meditating is the best way to reconnect but unlike meditation using TBP is so quick, it takes a couple of moments to do and it’s like hitting the reset button at any point during the day resetting our connectedness, even when you’re in a meeting, it’s possible to just nip to the toilet and get balanced. The moment we intend to get ourselves into balance and use the cards to do this, we have effectively put the breaks on all those spiraling negative thoughts. We are then open to choose what thoughts we want to be having instead, creating what we want with very little effort. TBP has integrated into my life so easily that it’s the first thing I do if my ego pipes up with a negative thought, I grab my cards and give them quick shuffle (this brings up the card that will work with what is alive in me now) and balance. I have been working on my fear of poverty, not having, being or doing enough recently. I’ll tell you it’s a tenacious belief, but then I have been nursing it for 29 years (I’m pretty sure its inherited much like my fear of spiders) but as I work with it each day, the moment I feel my stomach begin to knot with that fear, I’m ready with my cards in hand. it’s starting to clear and become less prominent, I have even caught myself thinking  “I’m totally good enough to do this!” I can tell you that caught me by surprise, it took me aback like being given an unexpected gift.  I can also see how the negative comes back when I begin to move forward with something new, as I said its stubborn but I have made the decision that this is no longer the story I define myself by. It is NOT who I am. So I ask you what is the story you have told yourself, what is it that defines you? And then ask yourself ‘Is that who I want to be and do I want that to define who I will become?’


I knew if I allowed fear to overtake me my journey was doomed. Fear to a great extent is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me. – Cheryl Strayed




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